About the Trainer


Teri Brown

Serving Riverside and San Diego County

Teri was born and raised in Southern California and has always had a huge heart for animals. Growing up in Chatsworth, she was raised with her families dogs, birds, a rescued tortoise, and pet reptiles. When Teri’s big sister started kindergarten, her parents got her a Poodle to keep her company, so at the tender age of 4, she began her love affair with dogs. She has been the pet parent to 9 dogs, all lovingly trained by Teri to live long and fulfilling lives as an integral part of her family.

After owning and operating a successful interior design business for 17 years, Teri’s life would be forever changed when in 2000 she bought a big, young Thoroughbred from a trainer for her autistic son. Unbeknownst to her “Henry” was being drugged to appear calm and safe for her then 8 year old to ride. After firing the trainer, Teri realized she had a fearful and abused 17 hand horse with some serious trust issues. Enter an amazing Natural Horseman who with love and complete understanding of horses rehabilitated Henry and showed Teri everything he had learned in over 40 years of developing horses. Soon, Henry became a safe and happy partner. Sadly, Henry’s heart had been damaged and at the young age of 6 years, he died of a heart attack.

Teri took that devastating experience and turned it into a desire to help other horses and ultimately dogs that have also been exposed to hardship. Today as a certified dog trainer with over 12 years of experience as a professional, she has trained thousands of dogs and their pet parents. Some of the behaviors she addresses are: dogs exhibiting dog to dog and dog to people aggression, lack of social skills and manners, separation anxiety, shy and growly dogs, puppy training and socialization,and every behavior in between. Teri trains and certifies dogs for therapy, assistance and social work and specializes in training dogs for children and adults with autism, social anxiety, mobility and psychiatric disorders. Being a curious human, she regularly attends training seminars, workshops, and webinars and networks with dog trainers from around the world. Teri believes that the relationship is the most important aspect of any training program. Since all dogs learn differently depending on breed, innate characteristics and experience, she uses a variety of scientifically based training methods to achieve success. This philosophy has helped keep many dogs in their forever homes and given them a chance at a long and healthy life.

Today Teri is living her dream and shares her life with her 25 year old son, her four legged “besties”; her dog Reggie, her Arabian horse partner, Ty and the newest addition, Mini Horse J Teme.

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