Ron D- February 28, 2016


Teri is a very knowledgeable and capable dog trainer. Cody was reactive to  other dogs while on leash and pulled my wife out into the street while going after another dog. This was and chewing the furniture was one of many problems we had with him. Teri came highly recommended to us by our vet so we called her. She immediately came to our home and started to educate us on why our dog was behaving the way he was. She showed us how to calm him down and started teaching basic manners. We bought a training package with a discount from Teri and by the end of our 5 weeks we had a dog that would listen to us and we could take him anywhere. Her training methods are effective and humane. We are now taking Teri's off leash socialization and play classes every week and we can finally enjoy our dog. I think Teri is a great trainer and you will be very pleased with her services.

Diana Lovejoy-October 2011


Outstanding dog trainer! My Bichon Frise and I have trained for six years: 4 AKC show handling classes, 3 Pet Smart classes and 2 Park and Recreation classes. Teri Brown is the best! Her knowledge, experience, versatility and personality make her classes a MUST DO with your dog!

Susan P- November 2015


I am a 20 year old college student with diabetes and a history of seizures. I had gone on line searching for a diabetes alert dog and couldn't find one where I lived. Teri was recommended to me by a neighbor who has a child with autism. When I talked to Teri she told me that she trains assistance dogs for multiple types of disabilities and that chances were about 50% that my 5 month old Labrador Retriever could be trained to alert me to changes in my blood sugar. We started with Basic Obedience and then Public Access task training to alert to my low blood sugar levels. With Teri's training Leon learned quickly and enjoyed the training. After 8 months of training Teri tested Leon for public access and he passed with flying colors. He now has his vest and I.D. and alerts me and even a friend to changes in my insulin levels. He goes everywhere with me including to school where he lies down patiently while I am in class. I was able to get my dog trained quickly and it didn't cost me the high amount of money that I heard it was would. Teri is the best trainer around for all your needs.

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D.W. 9/23/2013


Afraid of the crazed over-guarding of our dog, we went through 4 dog trainers and none could make a difference. We felt we had failed the dog who seemed to lay down his life to protect us against anybody who wanted to visit or even the mail man.

Teri had such a simple yet on target approach to our dog's issue...after all he was a guard dog and not a soft breed. He was hard wired to protect and we were not respecting that reality. Working with the nature of the breed, Teri taught us very effective techniques to get control of his intention and let him know we too see a new person, it is okay to recognize that but now we will take charge and the guarding is not needed to that degree. We shall be working with Dyson to further install new training and have noticed an almost magical ability to call him off of what was impossible before.

Teri is sharp and we highly recommend her for her ability to bridge the gap between what you want from a pet and the issues that your pet is presenting.

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No prong collars!


Dr. Joan Winter, DVM July 29, 2015

I am a mixed animal veterinarian and NOT A DOG TRAINER. My dog trainer is, and always will be Teri Brown! My dog, Betsy,is an 80 lb big and energetic dog! My dad rescued her from a shelter. I rescued her from my dad. We both realized that Betsy was too much for my dad. I had gone through beginner training with a well known dog trainer and failed both times! She wanted me to use a choke chain, as Betsy refused the halti, and we then advanced to the prong collar. Failure again! I went home considering Betsy to be a "shut in" as she could not be trusted outside. She pulled me down in the park, and started dog fights. I didn't understand her ways and I have owned many dogs. It was only when I asked Teri Brown, when I treated her horse that she convinced me that Betsy needed a third chance. On the first day of class I didn't leave my truck until Teri called me and said "GET OUT". I did and Betsy greeted her greeted her with tons of licks. Teri took her from me and used her as a demo dog and Betsy did everything that she asked her to. The next class she was in hand with me! She graduated and even came to me off leash! Teri gave Betsy her life back and I have a best friend who can go outside. I listened to the other trainer and used the prong collar to no avail and now Betsy suffers from laryngeal paralysis. I learned from my mistakes and Teri will always be choice for a dog trainer!

Sheldon S. October 7, 2012


Exceptional Trainer

Teri is an exceptional trainer. She is involved in many facets of training and techniques, as well as the welfare of all animals. I highly recommend this business to anyone looking for animal 

training, you will not be disappointed!

Tracy L- March 26, 2016


Teri has helped me with both of my dogs. My younger dog, Malcolm, needed an energy outlet so we took her agility class. He loved the activities and stimulation. Teri was great about noticing what Malcolm and the other dogs responded to, and when modifications were needed to help them get to the next level. Teri also came to my home and helped with both dogs. I was pregnant and wanted to get some help reigning in their and energy and getting tips for getting them used to the baby once she arrived. She gave us some great guidance on walking safely with a stroller and how to keep the dogs busy once baby arrived and my time was taken up with child care Highly recommended!

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