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In home private training and board and train services

About Us

Service Dog Program


 Service dogs can be trained for the most severely impaired with degenerative diseases or for those who are more moderately disabled and struggling with living alone, maintaining a job or raising a family. A service dog is enormously beneficial in achieving the goal of self sufficiency.After your dog has learned obedience and service dog tasks in your home, we go out around distractions to generalize the behaviors. This is Public Access training, teaching the handler and service dogs how to perform tasks in public. 

What defines a service dog?


 Under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) a service dog needs to perform a minimum of 3  tasks to mitigate a disability. I train dogs for PTSD, Autism and Aspergers, Diabetes Alert and Respond, Mobility, and Balance, Anxiety, and Hearing Dogs. I have trained dogs for all of the above. Being a parent of a child with Autism and Balance problem gave me a great insight in the benefits of having a service animal. This and my love for training dogs has made training service dogs so rewarding for my clients and me too! 

Prospective Service Dogs

Biscuit Public Access Training

 I can help you find a puppy or adult dog to be trained as your service dog or test your current dog to see if he is a good service dog candidate. My most popular program is working with you and your dog together weekly, while you work daily to reinforce behaviors in between sessions. Another option is my board and train program where I work with your dog at my training facility and then meet with you weekly to transfer all behaviors. This is more intensive training and you will have a trained dog in a shorter period of time.