Dog Training Classes, Play Groups & Meet Ups

Puppy Manners & Socializaiton


 At my Temecula facility. Your puppy will be introduced to basic obedience skills such as sit/stay, down/stay, walk on a leash, bite inhibition and desensitization to being handled,all while having play breaks with the other puppies in class. Class is taught in my large doggie play area next to my horse barn. Cost is $119.00 for 6 weeks. 

Obedience & Off Leash Play Time

Off leash play at my training facility

My most popular class! For dogs who know their basic commands and are friendly. The first part of this class is taught on leash as we review basic obedience commands and then are introduced to Level 2 Advanced Obedience. The last portion of class is off leash in my fenced in doggie play area where the dogs get to have some super fun and supervised play. Cost is $125.00 for 6 weeks.

Distraction Class


If your dog is well mannered until he gets around other dogs and distractions, then it all falls apart, this class is for you! We will practice basic commands in proximity to other dogs and their owners to encourage your dog to pay attention to you. All dogs will be on leash and long lines for recall and walking past other dogs, listening to you as they practice obedience commands, etc. This class is not for aggressive dogs or dogs who can't settle down at a distance to other dogs. Cost is $119.00 for 6 weeks. If you would like a temperament test before signing up, please contact me.

Basic Obedience and Manners


Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Recall (Come when called), Leave It, Wait, Drop It, Loose Leash Walking and Focus will be taught. Problem Solving will be discussed weekly for any behavior modification and practice for those who are in need of a little extra care. Class is $119.00 for 6 weeks. 

Therapy Dog Class


All dogs need to know their basic obedience commands, be friendly, not fearful or aggressive. If your dog exhibits these behaviors, please schedule a private session to prepare her for this class. You and your dog will learn the skills needed to take him to care facilities, day care centers, schools, library reading programs and special events demonstrating the meaning of therapy dog work. This is a 6 week class, at the end of the 6 weeks, I will evaluate your teamwork and for those who pass, certify you to begin your visits.

Happy Hour Meetups


Meetups are scheduled weekly to socialize and walk our dogs at my Temecula facility. Have you and your dog had a bad experience at a dog park? (Most have or will), I also offer off leash supervised play dates for the dogs while the pet parents have happy hour. I assess all dogs in the different groups for size, energy level and social skills before they are brought into a group. The area is next to my horse barn; large fenced in and clean with a kitchen and bathroom.