Complete Obedience & Problem Solving

I do the training for you and will transition all behaviors to you to  sustain training and keep it consistent. Your dog comes home to you every day preventing stress and the extra cost of board and train with the same results. Your dog will be a pleasure to take out on walks, to parks, stores, friends houses and more. He will be calm and polite while greeting other dogs and people. This program has 3 levels: the first 3 week program is for Beginners to target Problem Behaviors and Habits, while teaching Basic Skills. The second level is Intermediate to proof all basic obedience commands and ques around more intense Distractions as we raise the criteria for your dog.  The third level is Advanced  as I add more advanced skills such as riding in elevators, walking through busy parking lots and crowds, walking in a heel position, and focusing on the handler for duration, distance and multiple distractions. This training level is perfect for dogs who will go on to become Therapy Dogs, Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals. Also for dogs who compete in Sports and Show Dogs. Or if you just want your dog to be incredibly well behaved both off and on leash.



  • 9 hours training each week, including 1 hour with owner total of 27 hours of training.
  • Walk on a loose leash
  • Sit/Stay,  Down/Stay, Recall Around Distractions.
  • Leave It
  • Auto Sit
  • Watch me